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Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Parts in Good Shape

Every garage door is made up of a series of parts that keep it working like it should. If one of these garage door parts is not working like they should, it can cause the entire garage door to malfunction. Garage … Continue reading

Give Your Home a Makeover with a New Garage Door

Is your home in need of a little something extra to really make it look great? A new garage door just might be what you are looking for. The garage is usually a prominent focal point of your home. Installing … Continue reading

Quick and Professional Garage Door Repair

Are you having problems with your garage door?  What you may not know is that you usually do not need to get a new garage door — you most likely just need a new part or two.  Garage door repair … Continue reading

Find the Perfect Commercial Overhead Doors for Your Business

If you need commercial overhead doors for your business, you will want to do your research before investing. There are many types of commercial overhead doors, and you want to find the door that meets your needs and your budget, … Continue reading

Call a Professional if You Notice These Signs of Bad Garage Door Springs

Garage doors that open electronically typically have garage door springs that help the motor work more smoothly and easily to open and close the door. There are two major types of garage door springs, and you can figure out which … Continue reading

What to Look for When You are Choosing Between Overhead Door Companies

You will hopefully not need frequent services from any overhead door companies, so when the time comes to call for service or if you are considering new door installation, you may wonder how to find a legitimate, trustworthy company to … Continue reading

Look for These Signs That You Need Garage Door Repairs

No matter how well you maintain your garage door, you are bound to need garage door repairs at some point. After all, you garage door has many moving parts and opens and closes multiple times each day. Failures are going … Continue reading

Choose a New Garage Door Carefully to Get the Best ROI from Your Garage Door Installation

Not that long ago, your choices were pretty limited when you got ready for a new garage door installation. These days, though, the possibilities are just about limitless, especially when you factor in the number of paint and stain options … Continue reading

Try These Tips and Tricks Before You Call for Professional Overhead Door Repair

It can be very stressful if you suddenly discover that you might need overhead door repair. While your overhead door has many moving parts, and may need professional repair, there are also a few simple things you can try yourself … Continue reading

Understanding Your Garage Door Parts Will Help You Maintain the Door

Homeowners often don’t know much about their garage door or their garage door parts. When the garage door is working correctly, you can push a button with very little thought and the door seems to open by magic. There are … Continue reading